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Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website.
This site contains links and information concerning all of my novels, both published and unpublished. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me. You can find the contact page through the hyperlink located in the menu bar above.
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In a modern world, religion and science are often at odds. People of science  believe only what they can prove, while people of faith believe only what their religion ordains. Yet, both science and religion agree on one thing. Monsters and magic do not exist. Such things are for fairy tales and horror movies. Or are they?

For close to a thousand years, a secret war has raged between knights and savage beasts bent on consuming human flesh and taking dominion over our planet.
These brave knights’ numbers have dwindled, and now the fate of all humanity is balanced on a knife’s edge.
The portal sealing our realm from the Black Bloods’ homeworld is all that is stopping the monsters from finally winning the war, but only as long as it remains shut.

Quinn Longthorn, last of his line and High Knight of The Enclave, has dedicated his life to eradicating the Black Blood threat, but his order is failing. The Red, the ancient power fueling the knights is all but gone, and without it, the knights are merely men. Unless something changes, defeat is inevitable, and the Knights of The Enclave will become history.
However, The Red has not failed yet, and while it exists, there is hope.

Longthorn is a heady mixture of science fiction and fantasy, combining both genres seamlessly. This book is action-packed, but also examines the friendships, love, and loyalty of those involved in fighting a horrific foe. It hypothesizes about a modern world, one heavily reliant on technology, being thrown back into a mystical time. An age where monsters hunt humans and evil omnipotent beings grave our fruitful planet. It speaks of heroism and sacrifice. Bravery and stoicism. It reflects on all the best qualities of humanity and leaves one feeling hopeful.
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