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I was born in Reading, England and struggled through school, academically. Eventually, I was diagnosed with dyslexia, which  meant being removed from class to attend ‘remedial' lessons. As a child, I did not enjoy reading and writing, and left school at an early age to work with my father as a builder. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I persisted in teaching myself to read — and finally read my first novel.
I emigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1990, where I now lives with his wife Michelle. I have two adult children, Chelsea and Zac, who are now living their lives away from the nest.
To pass the hours working as a bricklayer, I would think about writing a novel. However, it took many years for me to pluck up the courage to turn my dreams into words.
My dyslexia, combined with my informal knowledge of the English language and grammar, made writing my first book a real challenge. Luckily, I had plenty of people around mr to help me in my journey.
I love of scientific facts, futuristic possibilities, and fast-paced action, all of which infected my plots and writing style. I thoroughly enjoys pushing myself creatively, which means venturing into many types of storytelling. As a consequence, my catalogue is a mixture of sci-fi, speculative fiction, fantasy, and horror.
I now has a growing number of novels to my name, and I fully intends to expand on that number.
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