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Ehanced Book Two



After a wait of three years, the long anticipated sequel to Ben Brown’s acclaimed first novel is finally here.
Enhanced Retribution & Redemption picks up where his award-winning novel, Enhanced, left off.
In this exciting continuation of Zac’s adventures, Zac and his team find themselves delving ever deeper into the underworld of enhanced humans. However, old enemies plot against them, resulting in new and ever more dangerous threats not only to his team, but to the world.
This tale moves smoothly from location to location and obstacle to obstacle. At every turn, Zac’s pursuit of his quarry is met with new and increasingly bizarre hurdles. The cost involved in conquering those hurdles is high, but not as high as failure.
Enhanced Retribution & Redemption takes the reader in an all-new direction from the book’s predecessor, a direction that will leave you reeling with every page you turn. This book is packed with Ben Brown’s hallmark action, but also travels a darker, more intense path.
If you are looking for an action-packed book that flows a little deeper than just bullets and explosions, this may be just the book for you.

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