Pohon Setan - Ben Brown, Author

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Pohon Setan

Stand-alone Books

"...Pohon Setan is a gripping and sometimes gruesome short story that I couldn't stop reading until I reached the end!"

Chelsea Brown dreamt of being a journalist her whole life. Now, that dream was about to come true. She and her two friends, graduated university together, and were about to embark on their  first assignment.
Under the guidance of veteran reporter, and alcoholic, Bill Redcliff, the group head to Java to investigate tales of disturbing animal cruelty. However, what they find is far more horrific, and Chelsea’s dream quickly turns into a nightmare.
Bradley Munroe, ex S.A.S, had made a lucrative living rescuing hostages from dangerous situations. The biggest challenge of his career now lay in Indonesia. Munroe would need to face something he’d never encountered before. It would push him to the limits of his formidable skills.
53,579 words, roughly equivalent
to 151 pages in a mass market paperback.
Rated 15+.
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