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I have gathered all the reviews of my books, and placed them in one location for your convenience. If you wish, you can also post your own review here too. Just use the form below.
Unfortunately, my site has been hit with a lot of spam, which is why I removed the guestbook page. To ensure the site doesn't become weighed down with unwanted rubbish, I will manually post your reviews.
Once you have sent me your critique, I will post it to the appropriate book's page.
I will not edit your reviews, nor will I cherry pick the good ones. However, I will ferret out spam, which is why you can't post your reviews directly to my site. Whether your review is one star, or five stars, I will post them all.
Reviews posted directly to this website.

Reviews of Enhanced.

Reviews of Pohon Setan.

Reviews of The Eden Hole.

Reviews of The Lingering.

Reviews of Tykocin.

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