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This purchase includes all my books as of the date of purchase.
You can receive a discount if you buy multiple copies, say copies for you and a friend.
You'll get a 10% discount for two purchases, 15% for three.
Quantity Discount available Quantity Discount available
$ 10.00

I want to offer my readers the best possible value. If you buy my books directly from me, you will save at least fifty percent on buying from Amazon or elsewhere. Also, all the money goes to me. Whereas, I only get 30% from Amazon. This means I get around 66 cents from a $2 book.
 So, if you want great value, and want an indie author to get a fair deal, buy from me, not the big-shots.
By the way, all purchases will be transacted in Australian dollars, saving you even more over the U.S sites.
This $10 purchase buys you all twelve of my books, plus one short book on indie publishing. That's thirteen books for $10, which means you are paying around 77 cents a book!
The reason for selling all my books in one purchase is simple. I'm not a programmer or web designer, and it was too difficult to sell them individually.
As more books are added, I will have an upgrade price. This price will entitle you to the newer books, and I’ll work out the upgrade price accordingly.
For example, I will divide Amazon’s overall price by 50%, then I’ll add the new book to the zip files.
Thirteen books might add up to $11 on my site, plus the freebie publishing book. I will divide $11 by fourteen, meaning you pay around 78 cents for the next book added to the collection, and so on.
When you buy the books, may wonder why there are only ten eBooks in the zip file. Two of the books are omnibuses.
The Callum Wentworth Chronicles contains three books, and the Mia DeWinter book is actually two books in one.
I also want to assure you, my website is secure, and I only use PayPal, so your transactions are safe.
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