The Eden Hole - Ben Brown, Author

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The Eden Hole

Stand-alone Books

John Saunders had it all. A beautiful wife, two amazing kids, a dream job, and an apartment in the best part of town. Life was as perfect as it could get. However, when the planet’s worst tsunami hit his building, it shattered his world, and his life. In a heartbeat, everything he cherished was gone. His dream, his perfect life, washed away in the filth filled waters of LA’s worst ever disaster. In the aftermath, he tried to stay strong, and he vowed to honor the memory of his family. But it was a vow he found increasingly hard to uphold.
Everything reminded him of what he’d lost, and of what he would never have again. Three years passed, and the pain cut ever deeper. He needed a change, a fresh start. The discovery of the wormhole to the Eden planet offered him the new beginning he needed, and with the help of his friend, Dr. Jack Bradley, he would be on the first transport to Eden. New beginnings are often difficult, especially when the new beginning means leaving your home planet and traveling countless light-years to an uncharted region of space. A region of space which is secretly coveted by others.  
The Eden Hole pulls John Saunders not only to a new sector of space, but into a world of terrorism, espionage and murder. He finds himself in the middle of a struggle for power which threatens to overthrow hundreds of years of peace. Can he survive the struggle? Can he make a difference?
107,869 words, roughly equivalent
to 285 pages in a mass market paperback.
Rated 15+.            

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