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The Lingering

In the year 1842 the British Empire was the largest formal empire that the world had ever known. Its power and influence stretched all over the globe; shaping it in all manner of ways. It led the world in industry, science, medicine and military power. An Englishman could pride himself on being the envy of the civilised world. However, Doctor Charles Mortimer felt far from enviable. His years of medical training, and further years administering his skills, had failed to prepare him for what lay in his ward. Hundreds of people, all stricken with the same mystery ailment. An ailment that had ravished the world. For some reason he felt the disease may signal the end of humanity, or at least, the end of a way of life. The Lingering infected every corner of the globe, and it robbed people of a dignified death. No more would humanity simply die and pass from the Earth, now they would be condemned to years of mindless decay. The nightmare didn’t end there. Some of The Lingering craved human flesh. Zombies that wanted nothing more than to eat those around them. Mothers would turn on their children. Husbands would turn on their wives. Humanity had become food. Something needed to be done, but what? Queen Victoria found the solution; they would exile the undead to where they could do no harm … Australia! The world could send their Lingering to the colony, and they could sleep safe at night, but at a price. One company received the contract to deal with The Lingering, and it became the most powerful company in the world.
One hundred and seventy years after the first outbreak of The Lingering, and a cure seems possible. However, two things are required. An enzyme from the clean and a tissue sample from the oldest of The Lingering. This means a team will need to travel to a country full of millions of zombies.

Nathan Archer and his men are assigned to Doctor Kathryn Bartholomew. Their mission is simple. Travel to Australia, and retrieve a sample from the oldest of The Lingering. All that stands in their way are thousands of flesh hungry zombies, and something far more deadly … Sir Richard Westbourne.

The Lingering spans two centuries, and half the world. This action packed, and thought provoking book takes the reader on a ride which will leave them breathless, and maybe a little frightened.

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